Blog Conference Wisdom for the Inappropriate Blogger

I’m back from the BlissDom blogging conference in Nashville, and it was wonderful to take a break with so many smart, funny, powerful, creative, and determined women who are communicating their stories to the world, one post at a time.

This post isn’t about them.

Surprise! It’s about me. Here’s what I learned in my four days at BlissDom:

1.  If you forget to bring any music with you in the car, you can repeatedly hit “seek” on your car radio and listen to wall-to-wall Taylor Swift from Asheville to Nashville if you want to. I did not want to.

2.   The Gaylord Opryland is the biggest motherfucking hotel in the world that I have stayed at. [As an aside, I just learned that if your eight-year-old daughter walks in while you are typing “motherfucking”, it is possible for your mouse to move at the speed of light to hit an innocuous page of baby animal pictures on Pinterest].

The hotel has a river inside of it. With boats:








3.  The people who work at the Gaylord Opryland hotel are also the nicest people in the world who are not medicated. As far as I know. The concierge slipped a handwritten note under my door thanking me for my shout-outs about the hotel on Twitter.  I’m not sure which tweet he was especially thankful for.  Maybe this one?

Or this one?

Either the concierge mistook me for someone else on Twitter, or he has a wicked subversive sense of humor.

4.  The real celebrities are dudes in costumes. Oh, the Blissdom team had lined up major entertainment – Joe Jonas had the mom bloggers squealing, Rascal Flatts played just for us, and a guy named Chris Mann – a contestant on The Voice — serenaded the ladies (and a few guys) at lunch. I ignored them all and went for the real power:

Me and a dude in a California Raisin costume.  He had cookies.

Me, Mandy from The Well-Read Wife, and a dude in a Lorax costume.  It was suggested to me that I appear to be touching the Lorax’s junk, so I briefly considered trying to make #loraxjunk trend on Twitter, but then I turned around and OMG! A table full of mini-cheesecakes in shot glasses!


After I got back, I finally had a chance to read all the pre-BlissDom planning posts I’d been meaning to get to in order to prep for the conference.  Like this one, from one of my favorite bold and living-out-loud bloggers, Cecily Kellogg, who writes for, among others, MomCrunch at Babble. In the lead-up to BlissDom, she posted “The Culture of Mom Blogging Conferences,” in which she writes: “The line between professional and personal is blurry at these conferences, and working to avoid being “inappropriate” requires a certain kind of watchfulness that can be exhausting.”  [emphasis mine].

Wait a minute. I totally should have read this before I left.  We were supposed to act… appropriately?  NO WONDER I HAD SO MUCH ENERGY!  I wasn’t working at all to avoid being inappropriate!  I’m thinking now that maybe I shouldn’t have sent out this tweet:

Or this one, when I was looking for a friend in a crowded conference room:

Or this one:


When I got home and told Matt all about the conference and went on about the great brands and sponsors, and how bloggers are working with brands to monetize their blogs, and how much I learned, he looked at me, sighed, and said, “Pretty much, honey, I don’t think brands are going to want to work with you.”  Huh.  “Really? Why?” I thought.

But then, I saw this:  Stephen Colbert hawks Wheat Thins while mercilessly mocking Wheat Thins AND dropping the f-bomb.

So perhaps there’s hope after all.  Inappropriate bloggers totally SHOULD be spokespeople for brands.  Because inappropriate people BUY SHIT, am I right? We EAT SHIT and WEAR SHIT, don’t we? Maybe you can envision The Reedster teaming up with The California Raisins for a filthy rap about healthy snacks?

Because The Reedster is at least as influential as Stephen Colbert.

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16 Responses to Blog Conference Wisdom for the Inappropriate Blogger

  1. Mandy says:

    It totally looks like we are about to have our way w/ The Lorax in that picture! I love it. Haha But in all seriousness, I am so glad I met you at BlissDom & I hope we get to hang out again soon.

  2. Cris says:

    Soooo is the crystal in your hand clear now that you’ve escaped the hotel?

  3. You got to meet a California Raisin!? I’m so jealous. I like that they wear blue eye shadow for some reason.

  4. Shell says:

    Oh, how your tweets crack me up!

    So glad we got to meet. I broke my hootsuite app(apparently, since it didn’t believe I was in the timezone I was in, it told me that something was wrong with my account) so I had major twitter issues- can’t believe I didn’t know you were there til the end of the conference!

    Then again, you weren’t tweeting me asking me to flash the room. I wouldn’t have… b/c I don’t drink in the mornings. Though I would have stood up on the table and done a little dance or something.

  5. Lois says:

    I BUY SHIT – but only high quality, organic, free-range, over priced, shit!!!
    you need super cool sponsors who totally get your potty mouth.

  6. Dorry says:

    I buy the same SHIT that Lois buys. Did you buy the turquoise boots – expensive, necessary girl shit. Tell Matt you’re the ‘Bette Midler’ of blogging—they NEED you.

  7. You totally felt up the Lorax. I’m so jealous. Still can’t believe our paths didn’t cross. I thought about showing my tits but then I didn’t want to arouse everyone. That shit can get awkward real fast.

  8. KeAnne says:

    You felt up the Lorax! Awesome! Loved your tweets about the hotel. Did you like Blissdom? Are you going to TypeA in Charlotte? I’m buying my ticket this weekend.

    • I had a blast at Blissdom – a nice unusual winter break from daily life. I am definitely at Type A in June. My blog is costing me thousands of dollars of year. I’m anti-monetizing my blog.

  9. Amanda says:

    I was at that hotel when I was 4, and 20 years later I still have pleasant memories of it.

    I say be your inappropriate self! If Stephen Colbert is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

  10. Greta says:

    I totally laughed out loud when I saw your bra tweet at blissdom. You’re my kind of girl. 😀

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