Life. It Sucks to be the Antelope.

The Reedster has been on hiatus due to the demands of her day job, which promise to endure for the near future.  Also, we are showing our house, which we bought a mere 18 months ago and had intended to stay in for 20 years but then decided, “Hey, it would be awesome to have more than one dollar left over at the end of the month.” So we are choosing to mindfully downsize. We are joining the simplification movement so we can live more lightly upon the earth. It’s all very Asheville. Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

But my blog cries out for posting, so here is a very special Wordful Tuesday.

You may recall my first Wordful Thursday post, the Zombie Princess celebrating her birthday with her undead offspring, lovingly drawn and colored by my four-year-old preschooler. I would be remiss not to also include the artwork of my third grade daughter.  She handed this casually to me after school one day and said, “Mom, I drew this. I call it ‘Life.’”

Now, upon viewing the image closely, I have my doubts as to the authenticity of her claim that she drew it, given that it is quite a bit more technically advanced than most of her renderings. Nevertheless, the choice of subject matter was clearly hers. I’ve referred to her as “Wednesday” at times, for her goth-like cheerfulness, dry-as-bone humor, and love of all things festooned with skulls. She’s also certainly responsible for other artistic choices and I would bet that she was the colorist – selecting, for example, the shocking red of the antelope’s entrails.

And so, until I can get a real blog post up, I leave you with “Life”:

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14 Responses to Life. It Sucks to be the Antelope.

  1. Is that a black hole sun up in the corner? She’s like a little Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice!

    • The Reedster says:

      And I think that is also the shadow of a carcass behind the predator beast. Yes – Lydia, Wednesday, Violet from “The Incredibles”, Marceline from “Adventure Time”….

  2. Tony Horning says:

    Brings to mind a beautiful morning when I called my then kindergartner Maggie to the window to see the big rabbit nibbling in our backyard.
    “Bunny bunny bunny!” she squealed in excitement. Then, without missing a beat and in abject deadpan she added, “Owls have talons so they can tear bunnies into little pieces.”

    …aaannnnd the moment ended.

    • The Reedster says:

      Ha! And we try to be so gentle with them around issues of death. The kids, they can handle it. Maybe too well.

      • Jen LC says:

        seriously, they can handle it. i’ve explained animals being killed by other animals (including people vs. chickens) as “everyone’s gotta eat” and it’s served us surprisingly well.

        (she’ll figure out later that we don’t “gotta” eat all the stuff we eat but it works for birds & worms at least!)

  3. Jen LC says:

    OMG – so awesome. i especially appreciate the shadow cast by the killer…badger? what is that?

    (hey, we met at blissdom – jen at gooseberry. i’ve totally been enjoying your blog. supa funny.)

  4. Lisa Sarfaty says:

    The antelope looks amazingly beautific for being dead and in the process of being eaten. Reminds me of how my son, who, along with his best friend, LOVED the some-kind-of-plastic animals you could buy at the zoo and collected families of them. They spent hours setting up scenarios of different habitats. One day I asked what the Disney characters, like the dogs from 101 Dalmations, were doing in there. Answer: they were the prey.

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