The Mommy Wars Hunger Games.

Hey everybody! The Mommy Wars are in full swing just in time for the general election, and you don’t have to be a mommy to lose.

The latest “battle” pits Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen against potential First Lady Ann Romney in the always popular working mommy vs. stay-at-home mom death match. Essentially, Rosen said that because Ann Romney “hadn’t worked a day in her life” she wasn’t qualified to advise her husband on economic policy involving women, and then EVERYONE ON THE RIGHT came back and is all “Yeah she did, she raised five boys and that’s hard work!” and then LOTS OF FOLKS ON THE LEFT were all “Yeah we agree! We love stay at home moms! That’s hard work!” and then SOME PEOPLE ON THE LEFT were still like “Well Ann Romney had like five nannies and is, you know, wealthy so her ‘mom work’ isn’t the same as other moms!” and then Rosen is all “I meant work work, like for a paycheck,” and then the media started pulling up old stuff Mitt Romney said about single mothers on public assistance having to get jobs so they could enjoy the “dignity of work.” At Wal-Mart, or as underpaid home health aides, I’m guessing.

To my mind, it was pretty clear that Rosen meant “work outside the home for a paycheck” and that nobody in this day and age thinks mothers with five children who stay at home full time are not working hard, or that mothers who have a lot of money have the option to stay home; an option that many, many other mothers don’t economically have, or that it is harder to stay at home with one’s children when you don’t have a nanny than when you do have a nanny.

The funny thing is, I honest-to-god NEVER hear this shit on the ground from real actual women. In my daughter’s third grade class, the mothers are gay, straight, well-off, struggling, solidly middle class, biological parents, adoptive parents, single parents, working full-time, staying home full-time, working from home, working part-time, and OMG we even have a stay-at-home dad. WE HAVE NEVER, NOT ONCE, HAD A WAR. Nary even a battle. No arguments about who is good, better, best, bad, or worst at parenting. We all help at school, drive on field trips when we can, arrange play-dates and sleepovers, meet for coffee, help each other out when we get in a jam, and volunteer. Let me be a little bit clearer: I AM NOT AT WAR WITH ANY OTHER MOTHER.  Seriously, I don’t even have any weapons.

But my absolute favorite comment in the Rosen/Romney dust-up came from the Catholic League:

Really, Catholic League? That’s how you’re going to play this one? Readers of The Reedster Speaks know that our family was formed through adoption, but until now I never knew that I was a lesser mother because of it! If only I had pushed babies out of what Jenny Lawson of The Bloggess heroically called, on national television, her “lady garden.” Then I’d be a real mommy like Ann Romney. Except for those nannies and that money. If only she didn’t have those, then she’d be a real mommy. What? Hilary Rosen is a lesbian? Oh, well then I must be a better adoptive mom than she is, what with me not being a homosexual and all. [Note: For this post, let’s put aside the whole WTF-ness of the Catholic League simultaneously being both anti-abortion and anti-adoption.]

Just so we’re clear, let me put the Catholic League rankings in mathematical terms:

  • Fertile women > infertile women > lesbian women.
  • Biological children > adopted orphans.

Got it!  I’m making T-shirts right now.

I have an idea to make these comparisons a little more fun, in a gladiator kind of way. Why not just have representatives of all the various forms of womanhood – all the ways the media and politicians slice and dice us to score points – just fight to the death in, I don’t know, some kind of biosphere arena? And it could be televised? And why don’t we call it the MOMMY WARS HUNGER GAMES?

Below, the representatives from each district. I’ve helpfully noted what is wrong with each of them under their categories. (Because you know we are all deficient somehow!) So let the games begin. And may the odds be ever in your favor. Oh wait. You’re a woman. Sorry! The odds are never going to be in your favor.




1. Wealthy women who stay at home full-time with the children they have borne of their own loins, 5 kids & over division. Ann Romney Privileged. Out of touch.
2. Freakish women who have borne children of their own loins, 5 kids & over division.  Kate Gosselin, Michelle Duggar, Octomom  They “seem weird.”
3. Women who have borne children of their own loins, 2-child division.  Michelle Obama  Not white. Went to Harvard. Exercises. Wears sleeveless dresses.
4. Women with no children who never married and therefore can’t possibly be satisfied with their lives, no matter what their accomplishments. Condoleezza Rice, Oprah They must be sad. Or lesbians.
5. Women with no children who just can’t find the right guy. Jennifer Aniston Lost Brad. Has not borne children of her own loins. She must be sad.
6. Women who are saints. Mother Teresa Deceased. Not really a mother.
7. Women who are lesbians who adopted children Hilary Rosen “Had to” adopt children. Did I mention she is a lesbian?
8.  Women who stay at home full-time with their children, poverty division. “Welfare Moms.” Lazy. Do not have “dignity of work.”
9.  Women who work outside the home, “only” 1 child division. Hillary Clinton Too ambitious, ball-buster. Wears scrunchies. Bill.
10. Women with adopted children who work full-time from home. The Reedster Seems to like her job. Could not bear children “of her own.” Barren.
11. Women who work full-time, are divorced, and had no children. Sonia Sotomayor She can’t possibly be fulfilled by that whole Supreme Court Justice thing. She must be sad.
12. Coal Mining Area of Panem. Katniss Everdeen Love triangle messes up her concentration.
13. Girl-women who forgot that their birth control method was abstinence. Bristol Palin, Jamie Lynn Spears Had sex.
14. Gay men with children who seem almost like normal guys. Neil Patrick Harris No matter how likeable he is, he’s still a homosexual.
15. Gay men with children who “seem gay.” Ricky Martin Had to use a surrogate what with being a homosexual man and all.
16. Women with children who work full- or part-time, middle class division. Look in the mirror, or look all around you.  You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting one of these. Not wealthy enough to stay home. Not poor enough to qualify for assistance and thus be required to enjoy “dignity of work.”  Must work to, you know, pay for food and rent ‘n’ stuff.
17. Women who are Kardashians. Kim Kardashian Not a mommy. But we just know she will bear children of her own loins someday, like her sister. [The petite one (weakness: Scott Disick), not the big one (weakness: Heavy. Not as sexually desirable as her sisters)]. And then she will be the perfect model of womanhood.
18. Women who are humanitarians in unmarried relationships who adopted children and also have borne children of their own loins. Angelina Jolie Homewrecker. Could stand to eat a sandwich.
19. Men (Focus: Caucasian division). 50.2% of US population. All current and former presidents. 97.6% of Fortune 500 CEOs. 74% of US college & university presidents. 83% of members of Congress. Cumbersome genitalia require near-constant adjustment.



Let’s just say this:  I’ve never blogged about cookies shaped like their private parts. YET.


 Did I miss anyone? Any other combination of mommy-hood or non-mommy-hood or gayness or heaviness or thinness or work status? Or hair? Or clothing choices? Or sexual desirability (or lack thereof)? Or wealth or poverty? Or skin color? Come up with a District 20 in the comments to round things out.

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96 Responses to The Mommy Wars Hunger Games.

  1. The Reedster says:

    It’s long, no? Sorry, but I was on a roll. When you’re done here, assuming you make it to the end of the post, run over to Mom 101 and read her excellent post “The myth of the rich, selfish working mom”, which inspired me:

  2. Jen LC says:

    ooh, me me – i can be district 20!

    mostly infertile lesbian who conceived thanks to $1000 drug cocktail and sheer luck, birthed children of her own loins but then LEFT THEM AT HOME with her homosexual partner while she “enjoyed” the dignity of work for 50 hours/week, still making juuuuuust enough to pay the bills. OH and health insurance that doesn’t cover said partner, who also has epilepsy that requires $60/day in medication. i win! 😀

    • The Reedster says:

      Jen, that is an excellent contribution for District 20! Do I have a District 21, anyone??

      • Jenna says:

        Ooh!! Me!!! I’ll take 21!!! Fertile wife of husband who is infertile and trying to adopt across race lines that works but wants to stay home with the children but if she can’t, will hire a nanny until they are old enough to go to school-preferably private. At which point she will have to work a second job to pay for the private school education so her child might have a better starting position in the world than she had. Am I a winner??? Wait…apparently not according to the Catholic Church because I’m not pushing a watermelon through my toothpaste tube and out of my “Lady Garden”!

        • The Reedster says:

          Oh Jenna, so many weaknesses! In addition to not using your viable lady garden *and* considering hiring a nanny (who do you think you are, Ann Romney?), we need to add: “thinks she is too good for public school.”

          • Jenna says:

            For shizzle!! When my husband proposed, my mother in law actually cried and said “But she went to PUBLIC school!! She’s going to hell!!” We can add *hellbound* to my list!

  3. Cindy Moy says:

    Brilliant. But you forgot those of us who are straight, married and ABLE to bear children, but CHOSE to adopt. As in, ADOPTION is our FIRST choice. We may not be easily identifiable, but we’re out there. Lurking…

  4. Selina says:

    Oh if only I was in a District, had children and not a Canuck! (along with multi-reasons of something like, #5, being barren and having moved when my name came up on the “do you want to be on the list to adopt”… only to have moved back a year later). Reedster all I can say is “BRAVO” for speaking out!!!

  5. Bill says:

    I’m a resident of District 19a. I’m a straight white male, yes, but as a stay at home dad I get looked down upon by many other residents of District 19.

    It doesn’t matter though – most of the other tributes would be able to take me out while I was looking for an iPad at the cornucopia.

  6. Mom101 says:

    I’m not sure who’s going to win (although 3 and 10 seem to have a good shot) but I think we can safely say that the Catholic League loses. First. And painfully.

    • The Reedster says:

      I think you fit in District 3 as well! We’d have to add in “seems to like her job” though, as your weakness. Craziness, that wanting a fulfilling career thing. Thanks so much for supporting a newbie blogger 🙂

  7. Cloud says:

    I love this! (I came over via Mom101’s tweet. Hi! We’ve never met.)

    I may represent District 21: women who birthed multiple children from their own loins but whose husbands/partners make enough money so that they COULD stay home but choose to work anyway.

    We are selfish, bad mothers. Why’d we have kids anyway, if we didn’t want to raise them? Also, we are overscheduled and miserable, and clearly not enjoying our children.

    I suppose there is a closely related District 22 for women who adopted kids, could afford to stay home but work anyway. Are they still selfish? It seems hard to claim someone who adopted a child is selfish. But whatever, they must be bad mothers, and are probably also overscheduled and miserable. Because, you know, NONE of us is doing it right.

  8. Lisa says:

    WTF-ness is now my favorite expression of sheer incredulity! Which means I will be using it a lot – thanks, Reedster!

    Possible other District is the Home Schooling, Home Birth, Breast-feeding, Ultimate DIY Crowd – can’t think of a famous representative, tho – maybe Ina May Gaskin. Weaknesses would be living on the fringe of “normal” society, spending time and energy empowering women and mothers instead of making lots of money on Wall Street, or some such.

    I seemed to have missed the wars also – perhaps they only exist as digital sound-bites?

    • The Reedster says:

      Ah, yes! The Mothering Magazine set! Weakness: Make the rest of us feel like shit for feeding our kids Happy Meals.

      • Brie says:

        Remember our other weakness is our utter lack of social skills. We are eliminated in the first round because we are so out-of-touch with the game itself!

        • Brie says:

          Oh and and therefore, we *must be sad*. Also isn’t the weakness you mentioned, Reedster, actually a strength of ours against the rest of y’all? I don’t know….cause I’m too out of touch, have never actually read or seen The Hunger Games.

  9. Laurie says:

    How about single moms with one unexpected but very loved child who’ve had to work two jobs at a time and use welfare, employment insurance, and food banks to survive while the bastard father OWNS a restaurant where the dinner “mains” range from $22 to $48 and a BURGER costs $19 (but it comes with 5-year old aged cheddar and herb frites!) Not that those single mothers are bitter or anything because they have something even better which is the one unexpected but very loved child 🙂

  10. stiggly says:

    could there be a category for “CHOSE to NOT raise children at all – either from own loins, NOR adopt, even though happily married”? or are we just out of the loop?

  11. Mayari says:

    Ooooh oooh I have a district 21, how about

    Women who choose to stay home full time with their kids (3 child division, neither here nor there in the bulk of kids category), college educated, able bodied, and intelligent. Neither poor nor rich.

    Weaknesses: Betraying all of womankind by thinking there’s “dignity” in the “work” of being with her kids. Betraying all of stay-at-home momdom by not being perpetually creative, DIY or liking to clean.

    • The Reedster says:

      Oh, Mayari, this is a good one! You are letting *so many people down!*

    • Kelly says:

      Perfect! That’s me, too!! =)

      • Kelly says:

        PS – I have been a stay-at-home mom for over 4 years now, and I STILL have relatives who express disappointment at my not using my college degree. HA!

        • The Reedster says:

          Should I say it again? *You must be sad.*

          • Sooo, can I be in this District? I only have 2 kids, but this makes me a sadder case, just hear me out. I “gave” up a career in medicine to stay home with my kids and then I had the audacity to only have 2 of them. I think there is a cosmic equation that to walk away from being a doctor, 4 or more kids are necessary.

            And for leaving a professional job like doctor I have been accused of letting down womankind (apparently this category is not encompassing enough, so I’ll continue) , all the woman who worked for ERA, my daughters, my mother, my high school biology teacher who always wanted to be a doctor but got pregnant in college, my adviser, and my own OB/GYN.

            And in conclusion, I’d be a great addition to this District because I could suture any wounds and treat your kids’ ringworm without the walk-of-shame through the back door of the pediatrician’s office.

            Wait, what is the prize?? On second thought, forget it. Pretend this never happened.


    • Andrea says:

      Thanks Mayari, I was wondering if I’d be represented.

      Thanks too for identifying the major weakness of not being crafty or overly DIY-y. That’s for overachievers who fill their sadness with busyness, obviously.

    • Adrian says:

      Add “has both bio kids and an adopted kid” and I’m so there. I seem to belong to the subset of women who hear, “WHY?” a lot. “I have bio kids but I’m also adopting.” “WHY?” “I have a college degree but I stay at home with my kids.” “WHY?” To the extreme SAHMs, “Sometimes, I think I’d like a part-time job just to get out of the house.” “WHY?” “My house will never smell like fresh baked cookies, I hate to cook.” “WHY?” Etc.

  12. Cris says:

    Can I have a district?

    41, straight, married, still hoping to have kids. Not sure I’d ever be able to afford adoption if we can’t “make them ourselves.”

    BUT my sister made her own kids and I have had a hand in helping her and her husband with them…does that count or must I *be sad?*

  13. Rachel says:

    District 17 is going to try to buy their way in – either or make a sex tape to drag the audience in….

  14. Katie says:

    I have been contemplating all day what district I am in.

    Only One Child…. So am I with Hillary… but no Bill to bring me down. I don’t work outside the home full time but I really really want too. And ya know I am not super powerful nor have I ever lived in Arkansas(which should be a weakness!) Though I did spend more than 4 years going to university in Southern Missouri(major weakness)!

    Unless you add a category.. Single Mother, Divorced, selfish as only had ONE child, from her own loins, (but with help from the witch doctor), who is under employed, and still trying to find her self at nearly 50!

  15. Lisa Sullivan says:

    District 20 should be women who don’t have kids because they don’t fucking want any! Representative: Chelsea “Lately” Handler. Because the vagina is not so attractive, especially when split wide open with people coming out. Plus, later when you cough, laugh or sometimes walk, you pee in your pants.

  16. Missy Kenny-Corron says:

    So stealing the WTF-Ness.. yea, I was going to add – what about those of us who could bear fruit (pears are nice… so are kiwis..) but CHOOSE to adopt… 3x, foster.. lots.. Work outside the home – in fact although my DH is employed outside the home – I am the breadwinner (ciabatta shaped with prosciutto and a bottle of chianti hidden on the inside in case my district sends a tribute some bread) …… on purpose!
    What with all that “sad”ness I just need to keep busy… no nanny, hetero hubby (far as we know) and lots of edu-macation to do what I do.. oh, and just in case there is a district 99… 2 of my children were not the usual adoptedness babies.. but (hold on to your bows and arrows) school-aged with special needs.. OMGM (Oh My Game Maker!) So yea… lets represent… (btw – I am not nuts about the Hunger Games.. I just read a lot and remember.. LOL) Your blog is SPOT ON and very witty!

  17. Lou Ann says:

    Just not sure where I fit in but I’m sure you’ll find me a district…white – by birth (but sadly a different “color” than my child,) old – also by birth but only feel old when someone mentions that my daughter is 5 and I am 50, single – by choice because all the good ones where taken and the bad ones where the ones offering, heterosexual – my choice back when I bothered to use my “lady garden” for something other than population growth, Catholic – but appalled by the Catholic League, adoptive mother – by choice because as far as I know I could have “pushed a baby out of my lady garden” but chose to adopt an orphaned child from another country where by spending every last dime I had saved on said adopted child there for I now must “enjoy the dignity of work” to support that child though I would love to be a stay at home mom, adopt two more kids and have a nanny….I don’t care what district I was in if I could make that my reality.

    So Reedster, please find me a district. Of course, once you find me a district, you’ll add all my sad weaknesses and I’ll end up kicked out of my district, on welfare until my social security kicks in (which should be any day now) and have to enjoy the dignity of working as a greeter at WalMart until my daughter graduates from elementary school and she can start working…..sad, sad, sad.

    • The Reedster says:

      And you get a district! Everyone, look under your chairs! You all get a district!

    • tafel says:

      (waves to Lou Ann) Hey, that’s my district too! Well, not the Catholic part, but pretty much all the rest of it. I believe our weakness is “desperate for a man, so might steal our girlfriends’ husbands.”

  18. Toni says:

    What about the married stay/work at home mom that not only cares for her 5 children but also all those children of working moms.

  19. Dorry says:

    Brilliant! Where do peri menopausal, menopausal women fit in who have had their children, are still raising their children, have had their children and now caring for parents, haven’t had children and are caring for parents, adopted children and are orphaned – no parents to care for, are menopausal and are on a second, third, forth or tenth career alas finding dignity in work….what district do we report to? Also I hope the uniforms for our ‘war games’ take into account our mid-life menopausal ‘I earned it’ paunch… that I have little estrogen left. By the way if we win — do we get a year’s free supply of estrogen?

    • The Reedster says:

      The low-estrogen district! Yes, add it in!

      • Cynthia says:

        Yes! Me, too! The perpetual SAHM who chose to stay home to raise 2 adopted daughters (who are a different color than me), have a college degree, but a 5 page resume summarizing all of the different non-career jobs (taken to either get out of the house while they were in school or to find some kind of creative expression), and all of the volunteer jobs which helped support the community and the school, and is now raising the grandson (and continuing to raise his mother who moved back home.) No more estrogen for me! I like the fuzzy, but less stressed mind which easily cleans dog vomit and has much more patience with the grandchild. So what if we eat Mc’Donalds for dinner? 🙂

  20. jeanne says:

    Love, love, love this! You are brill!

    Perhaps we can add a 16a? Middle class women who chose to stop at only one child and then dared deny said only child her full-time at-home-ness by working from home.

    Weakness: Can make more babies but won’t. Foiled lady garden’s chance to fully blossom with vasectomy.

    • The Reedster says:

      Of course – consider District 16a added 🙂

    • Elizabeth says:

      This would be my district right here! The only thing that I would add is the inability to breastfeed– no matter how hard I tried. Oh, the questions that I would get and the dirty looks.

      This is my first time to your blog, but it definitely won’t be the last one.

  21. Reed says:

    All I can say is that Christian League logo suuuuure looks a lot like a uterus.

    • Anita says:

      You must be confused. This is the “Mommy Wars” thread, not the ever so popular ,”Christian War”, site on which you leftists love to comment! 🙂

  22. April Taylor says:

    Until recently I was in the un-seeded “adoptive straight moms who stay home ’cause they can, thus depriving the world of their brilliant use of a BA in philosophy” division. But I am crossing over into the “adoptive straight moms who are starting their own business out of their barn because they have too many damn horses and they need to start pulling their weight” division. However, since I was raised by lesbians, there is a real chance that I will form an alliance with the lesbian moms, both working and SAH, just to throw off the Hillary Clinton division with their awesome careers and well adjusted adult children, despite having been raised in the White House and their parents going through a wee scandal during their adolescence. Because parents aren’t embarrassing enough just being average.

  23. Maureen says:

    Hysterical! Brilliant!

  24. Looks like you & I are in the same division. Is that good or bad?

  25. I am represented in several of these categories. This post is amazing! I hate that I’m like in the 50s of your comments though…do you hate me!?

  26. Liza says:


    Can lesbians who pushed babies out of their own loins AND live in two-parent households where both parents work also have a district?

    Also, I don’t think the pact with Peeta and Katniss would work for people whose presumptive sexual orientation is out of alignment with one another. You and Joanne might have to duke it out for who is Katniss and who is Rue.

  27. Erica M says:

    I’m so very glad you thought to put a district under all of our chairs. I don’t possess enough comment wit to campaign for one. This was an excellent post, very well researched, and it would be fantastic if it were to go viral.

  28. KeAnne says:

    I LOVE this! I’ve wanted to read your post for days but finally got to today. I think I’m in your district or do we need a separate district for women who can’t bear children themselves but have biologically-related children via a surrogate – you know, exploiting the poor women in Katniss’ district so their Lady Gardens will never be sullied?

  29. I’m District X. My husband is an attorney, but he works for the state and is not as snuggly as a school teacher so people never think he should get a raise (and he almost never has) and yet we’re paying a good chunk of our pay for payback an astronomical law school loan that assumes you’re going into private practice and will rack up the $$$$$, when it fact, working for the state, you kinda don’t, but you took the job anyway because you get to practice law (which you love) while also not working a crazy-ass 180 hour a week and so get to see your kids (which you also love) in an awake and not stressed out frame of mind.

    And so while the paycheck pays for food and mortgage and a 100,000 mile minivan that needs a timing belt, I work retail in the evenings to pay for all our luxuries: a camping vacation to my dad’s fishing cabin, a few plants for the front yard, music lessons, used soccer cleats, and my eldest child’s skating habit. Once or twice a year, we go to Friendly’s, and sometimes we splurge on sushi. I have turned into an unhappy Tiger Mom over my kids grades threatening that we’ll never have enough to send them all to college on a full ride, so they’re going to have to do their best and try to get some extra $$$ somewhere.

    In a past life, I was an actress who was not Angelina Jolie but had to give it up since retail pays more than acting, and actresses, poets, writers, artists – since they can’t afford to completely and entirely pay for their children’s ever need and because there is an argument that these jobs aren’t Real Work either – well, these type of people should never have kids. (Yes, for real.) Only parents with middle management jobs should have kids. So, there you go. My weaknesses.

  30. Kayster says:

    Not to be quibbling, but you missed stay-at-home moms who have borne three or four children of their own loins (only moderately freakish division).

  31. Reanna says:

    I’m not sure where asking one’s parents for a hysterectomy for a 12th birthday gift fits in here. But I ‘must be sad’ with my tubal ligation and singleness and all. So my subjective happiness is clearly a sign of mental defect or disease.

  32. irina koslowsky says:

    In the adoptive-mom-“only”-one-kid- working 3,5 days-husband 4 days-division with a child NOT doing 100% wonderfully (athletically and academically) and thriving and bonding and growing beginning the first minute he came “home”. Loving the title of the book “Shut up about your perfect kid”, already feeling for parents with special needs because of their children having the same, for forever having to justify themselves for worrying/working/staying home/playing/crafting/going swimming too much/not enough. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HILARIOUS POST.

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  34. Holly Mulvin says:

    Love it. Found my district (only one, MWS, stay-at-home, not wealthy), except, sadly, I do craft and cook – so maybe they won’t have me. But I don’t clean – so there might be hope.

    Great post Cindy.

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  37. This post makes me howl with laughter and pain. And anger, especially when I think about that last category. What was it Gloria Steinem said? That if men could get pregnant abortions would be legal? And don’t even get me started on the Catholic League.

  38. First of all, of late I’ve been reading blogs like it’s my job and this is among the very best I’ve come across. Simply love it. I’ve wasted all of my kids’ precious nap time reading dozens of your entries, which (as you probably know) is about the highest compliment you can get.

    So, I have a category to add to this considerable pile:

    Distrct 21: Part-time “working” mom (in whatever sense you want to consider “work”) with supportive partner who is able to perfectly balance sense of personal accomplishment with quality time with children.

    Weakness: She does not exist.

  39. What about a woman who is fertile, had babies of her own loins, BUT is legally disabled AND married to a man with health problems and will probably end up a widow? OH, AND stays home.

    SO MANY life choices/circumstances that come into play for EVERYONE. How can we even begin to define what is “right” or “typical” or “normal” anymore?

    We can’t. Period.

    If we’re doing the best we can with what we’ve got and not hurting anyone, that’s all that matters.

  40. Craftwhack says:

    Oh my. Thank you for the chart, I’m going to print it out now so that I may refer to it as needed. You are awesome.

  41. Becki says:

    This is awesome. I’m a new mom (he’s 11 weeks old today!) and also an old lady (I’m 2080 weeks old today! Phew, used that lady garden just in the nick of time before it goes to seed). I have to return to work next week which makes me sad but there’s that whole mortgage-food-bills thing. Very cool to see that you live in WNC – me too!

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  43. mydiybaby says:

    I’m only just getting around to reading this, so I *must be sad and also very busy* as a single mother by choice (SMC), full-time working Mom who sometimes works at home, has a fabulous 2 yr old daughter and didn’t want a partner of any gender.

    Hey, I found a district under my chair!!

    Oh, and one of the heads of my company already told me what my weakness is: “control issues”

  44. Genius. District 20 right here: married, straight, white female with potential fertility issues who nevertheless gets regularly and shockingly pregnant the natural way with a much wanted baby and yet plans to allow her much more flexible husband to bear the brunt of the day-to-day parenting while she skips off to her full-time lawyer job.

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