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The Yips.

In sports, they call it “the yips” – a sudden and inexplicable loss of fine motor ability. An athlete’s skills simply vanish – no more pitching strikes, serving aces, or shooting free throws. I’ve had the yips. I lost my … Continue reading

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I have lost my words.

I have lost my words and I am failing my literary idols. Norman Mailer, whose towering work of creative nonfiction, The Executioner’s Song, made me want to write in that genre, said that “[i]f you tell yourself you are going … Continue reading

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Smiling Lessons.

  In the fall of 1998, a ginger-bearded doctor taught me how to smile. Dr. Zammit, he of the inconveniently located Morningside Heights office, was turning things around in the Cindy-is-a-crazy-drunk department, starting with correcting my diagnosis from depression to … Continue reading

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Drivin’ down the road.

There’s something John Denver-relevant about moving on that’s found me scream-singing “Country Roads” in the car more than once in my life. And I am a person who moves on. In high school, in one of those oh-so-meaningful-at-the-time conversations, a … Continue reading

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The things we don’t write about.

The grimy veil of winter is slipping over my eyes, slowing my movements and dimming my vision. In the periphery, I can faintly see joy packing and taking up residence under the bed to hibernate until spring. I forgot how … Continue reading

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