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The Yips.

In sports, they call it “the yips” – a sudden and inexplicable loss of fine motor ability. An athlete’s skills simply vanish – no more pitching strikes, serving aces, or shooting free throws. I’ve had the yips. I lost my … Continue reading

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My doctor refuses to prescribe fancy Cokes for my broken foot.

I broke my foot a few weeks back in a rock climbing accident. I’m X-TREME like that. Or else I smacked it on the tub faucet. Who can remember when one is participating in so many X-TREME things? I was … Continue reading

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In which I am the best exit row passenger ever.

I dropped into the window seat, on the wing. The exit row. According to the red safety sign, the window-cum-door weighed a mere 41 pounds. “I could lift that,” I thought. “I bet I’d get super-adrenaline, like babies who can’t even … Continue reading

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On finding one’s writing home.

A version of this post originally was published at the yeah write blogging challenge.     I’m reprising it here in honor of yeah write’s third birthday. Woohoo! That’s like 75 in writing challenge years. So there’s this writing community called yeah … Continue reading

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Sometimes, one has to be realistic. Work obligations are going to keep me away from the blog for the month of February. In the meantime, you can visit me over at yeah write, the best weekly writing challenge on the … Continue reading

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